Computing Lab Tech Talks – 2015-11

As part of the masters course The Computer Scientist in Society, there will be a series of technical seminars on Wednesdays during the period Nov 4 to Dec 16 in 2015. They are open to anyone interested: students, practitioners and researchers are welcome! The focus of the seminars will be on interesting challenges in industry.

The tech talks are sponsored by the ICT Area of Advance.


Day Speaker Topic
4/11 - 2015 Jonas Cremon (ARM) Video processors by ARM in smartphones: Parallel software and hardware optimized for high speed and low power consumption
11/11 Johan Thelin (Pelagicore) Rapid UI prototyping and changing automotive
18/11 Tomas Ohlson (TrueFlow) Positioning and hockey sticks
25/11 Iakov Nakhimovski (Modelon) Building industrial grade Modelica compiler
2/12 Andrei Voronkov (EasyChair) EasyChair – Engineering a Large Web Service
9/12 Mike Nicolai (Siemens Industry Software) Design space exploration – a game with at least 4 levels
16/12 Johan Thornadtsson (Sigma Technology) Challenges for Technical Information and Communication in the Future

Each presentation will be held from 11.00 to 11.45 in room HB1, Hörsalsvägen, Chalmers Johanneberg.

There is also an associated calendar for the talks.